June 12, 2020 2 min read

We are loving the new expressive trends that keep rolling down the pipe in 2020. One of the newest trends we are embracing in today’s more casual world is urban utility style. This trend marries the concept of functionality, comfort, and outdoor exploration. We will be focusing on this trend even more when our new fall styles arrive. It’s also had some influence over our favorite summer styles. Let’s dive in. 


Alsteadhas instantly become a fan favorite, with good reason! Utility style is all about khakis, camos, buckles and workwear style. Alstead in sage hits it right on the mark. Its chunky recycled sole and Step Lite foam keep comfort and durability a priority. The perforated suede fabric has a soft matte finish following the trend, along with a functional breathability factor. Urban utility is where fashion meets comfort and the Alstead is the perfect example. This sneaker can be worn with a variety of styling. Take this shoe while you walk the dog, hang outside for a backyard BBQ, or during your weekend errands.

Sierra in Mud 

Camo is coming back this season in a fun and subtle way that basically makes this pattern a neutral. We are loving this trend in one of other summer must haves, Sierra. Pair this pattern with everything. The sky’s the limit especially with the Sierra in mud, as its design is just powerful enough to make a statement. Utility fashion embraces workwear uniforms and tough functional attire as inspiration. Jumpsuits, cargo pants and khaki’s fit in seamlessly with this sandal. The Sierra includes several features designed to make your life easier. This sandal has a stretchy elastic gore, ensuring a comfortable fit. The Sierra also includes the Step Lite foam and recycled rubber lug sole, just like the Alstead.  If you love embracing all the hot elements of summer, Sierra is a great way to try out the utility trend, without going full-on steal toe boots. Don't worry if you aren’t quite ready to test out camo yet. Wavey in Cacao features similar elements, with a bit more of a feminine look if that is more up your ally.  

Wayside in Savanna 

Functionality is a huge part of the urban utility trend and with good reason. The Wayside wedge sandal is a super accessible slide that pairs with everything. The camo upper gives a little bit of a utilitarian vibe while still staying true to its Travel Lite comfort features. This style also has the new Step Lite foam that keeps you moving with each stride. We love how this sandal embraces the outdoor life, just like our adventurous spirits. The Wayside hits all three marks for the urban utility trend. These include function, comfort, and fashion aspects. It’s one of our sandals that truly is a trifecta for style.  

 If you are looking to add new styles to your summer wardrobe, you won’t want to miss out on our new urban utility collection. This turnt up collection of savage styles is everything we’ve been waiting for in a new fashion meets function world. Go ahead and embrace functionality as a part of your fashion expression. You won’t turn back!  

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