May 26, 2020 3 min read

Cute and comfy? No problem. At OTBT, 2020 has been a year of innovation. Introducing a revolutionary new material that’s ultra-lightweight and provides deep cushion in every step. Step Lite foam is a sporty, bouncy material brand new to our Travel Lite®collection. Presented first in our best-selling Alstead sneaker, the collection is growing, with top styles selling out as fast as we can restock. But just what is all the hype about? 

Step Lite innovating OTBT’s Travel Lite® collection for SS20

Step Lite is the newest innovation in the OTBT Travel Lite® collection. It works with your foot structure using a unique molecular structure that creates a lightweight cushion and flexible bounce that is superior to EVA. It is scientifically shown to power your movements with spring back technology that keeps its shape and re-forms after each step. Step Lite is recyclable, and waste is repurposed through responsible manufacturing. 

 Designed as a new component to the most comfortable walking shoes you have owned; our new styles with Step Lite foam are truly groundbreaking (with good reason). Our first launch of Travel Lite styles feature Step Lite combined with a multi-layer system in the sole. These layers provide pristine comfort, bounce back technology, flexible cork (for unrestricted movement), and a recycled rubber bottom for a sturdy grip. Let’s take a moment to break down these materials further.

Step Lite Foam

With all the talk of EVA and memory foam, you are wondering what is so special about the Step Lite foam. Step Lite foam has incredible spring back technology that remolds and reforms after each step. This ensures that your foot has the most support with every step you take. The Step Lite foam is superior to EVA foam by creating a flexible bounce in each step. What better way get your ten thousand steps in then by wearing a shoe that helps you do the work more effectively?

 So what is it? Step Lite foam is essentially little “beads” packed into a mold. Because they’re not cut out, there is no wasted “trim” areas being discarded in manufacturing, so you’re contributing to a more sustainable world. These beads are so springy, you won’t believe the bounce you get as you walk.

Recycled Rubber Lug Sole

As another initiative for a greener planet, this season’s Travel Lite collection also features a recycled rubber lug outsole. One more step to a smaller footprint. This high traction sole allows you to keep a steady grip while moving. Its speckled design is not only fashionable, it’s designed to repurpose fragments of recycled rubber bits.


The FlexCork integrated into new Travel Lite® styles is another noteworthy feature. This material isn’t like the normal stiff cork you’ve experienced in the past. FlexCork is simply what it says, flexible. Gone are the days of stiff shoes that barely bend. Think of the wine bottle corks that are impossible to pull and then instantly crumble. Now think of a material the stretches, folds and pulls with motion. That’s the durability of FlexCork. Designed to be free to mold and bend like you do. This feature is famous in our fan favorite Alstead sneaker and will appearing again in the fall of 2020.

Styles featuring our newest materials

With the addition of Step Lite technology, the Travel Lite® collection as a whole has gotten a major makeover. With brand new designs that take comfort to the next level, being comfy has never been more carefree (or cute!). We’ve launched several styles that integrate all of these new materials, with more to come. Designed with a variety of colors and patterns there is a style perfect for everyone’s wardrobe. Want to check them out for yourself? Browse our new Travel Lite® heroes: 







 What are you waiting for? It’s time to step into a new season with Travel Lite® by OTBT. We will meet you there.

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