June 19, 2020 1 min read


Hey Wanderers! Summer is kicking off.. but we’re not waiting for the 4th of July to start celebrating. This weekend we are starting with the celebration of Juneteenth. This holiday goes back to 1865, two years after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which announced that all slaves would be free in the United States of America. It also signaled the end of the Civil War.

You may be thinking, why so much later than the Emancipation? During this time, it took until June 19th 1865 for the information to arrive to the giant state of Texas, where a huge outbreak of celebration took place, coining “Juneteenth” as the official name of the holiday.

We are excited to celebrate this day as it signifies the day where our nation changed, for the better. Here at OTBT Shoes, we want to celebrate with the rest of the country promoting equality and justice for all. By honoring the past and learning for the future we can make a better tomorrow for all America’s citizens.

So join in and celebrate with us as we recognize and honor what Juneteenth truly means. The right to be free, the right to liberty, the right for justice for all.


Happy Juneteenth!

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