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Hey there, OTBT wanderers!

Remember a few weeks back, in honor of the Bushnell’s sixth anniversary, when we asked you to share your favorite OTBT stories and experiences with us? Well, today we want to celebrate these awesome adventures and share some of our favorite OTBT snapshots and stories that we received from wanderers just like you!

Home Sweet Beach

Travel blogger Bella of With Love From Bella fondly remembers when moving to California was just a dream in her mind. Now, after three years living in “Surf City”, she still can’t believe that she calls Huntington Beach her home.

“Have faith in your journey!” Bella says, “Many times we don’t understand why certain things happen but at one point it’ll all make sense. The best IS yet to come.”

School Spirit for Game Day

Roll tide! For Lawson, game days are more fun when you’re decked out in all of your school colors, ready to cheer on your home team. This University of Alabama student likes to show off her school spirit by donning red & white and strapping on her favorite gold Bushnell platform wedges.

“Saturdays are for the Tide!” Lawson says, “I was so happy to have my family visit me this weekend! Nothing like a college game day spent with the fam.”

Weekend Adventures in Alabama

Ashlyn of Darling in Dixie is all about the Saturday adventures! One April weekend at Gulf Shores, AL, she visited the Zydeco and Crawfish Festival, took a long stroll on the beach, enjoyed a delicious meal at The Gulf restaurant, and salvaged an entire shabby chic kitchen table set left by the side of the road.

“Highlight of our night!” Ashyln says, “We will be taking that back home. One man’s trash was our family’s treasure!”

Graduation Day

This year was all pomp and circumstance for Laken Fitch, Nashville blogger and Morehead State University grad. Here she is sporting her gold Bushnell wedges with her sorority stole and graduation cap for the most adorable post-grad photo op.

“Another chapter in my life is finished,” Laken says, “Ready and eager to start the new one. Thank you Morehead for some of the greatest years in my life.”

A Perfect Proposal

Two years ago, we shared the story of Aleigha, who got engaged and married in her favorite OTBT wedges. Her proposal was one for the books, so here’s a brief recap.

“Micah’s sister owns a boutique, and I occasionally model the clothes,” Aleigha explained, “I agreed to take some pictures with her on June 11, at Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, AL.”

“When we arrived at the gardens, I changed into my first outfit with OTBT’s Bushnell wedges, and we walked to the first spot. As we were walking, we saw a “Will you marry me?” sign, and bright, colorful flowers around it. I got my hopes up for one second, until his sister said, “Awwww, look, someone is getting engaged today!” My hopes were immediately shot down.

We continued to walk on and began taking pictures. Eventually, I ended up with my back towards the sign and little did I know, Micah was standing there behind me. He finally whistled at me, and I turned around to see!”

Shopping in Historic ATL

Food influencer and traveler Erin Grable loves exploring new places and taking in all the local cuisine, drinks and scenery, which she documents on her Instagram @boozechewsviews. Springtime found her in Historic Atlanta at the Ponce City Market, where she stopped to pose in front of a pop-up shop for the perfect beachy Insta shot!

“If you’re in the Ponce City Market or Atlanta Belt line area, you should check out the Krewe Tiny House at PCM for some new sunnies!” Erin says, “I’m posted up next to their adorable pop-up with all the beach vibes.”


Want to share your OTBT travel experiences and stories with us? Drop us a line using our contact us form, or tag us in your next travel-gram with #MyOTBTStory for a chance to be featured on our site and social channels.

We can’t wait to hear where you’ll be wandering next!

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