June 20, 2019 3 min read

Hey there, OTBT wanderers!

Did you know that your favorite OTBT wedge is now six years old? Yup, we’re not kidding. And in those six years, the Bushnell has become a viral sensation all across the U.S. From sweet home Alabama to the sunny shores of LA, Off the Beaten Track wanderers just like you have been raving about the comfort and style of these beloved platform wedges.

To celebrate six years of being America’s Favorite Wedge, we decided to share some fun Bushnell trivia with you! So without further ado, here’s ten facts you probably didn’t know about your favorite OTBT summer wedges.

Fact #1: The Bushnell was born on January 9th, 2013.

Congratulations, it’s a wedge! On January 9th, 2013, container #GVCU4026274 gave birth to 3,690 pairs of Bushnell. Each pair was carefully packed and sent out to select private boutiques across America.

Fact #2: The O.G. Bushnell came in only four colors.

Those colors were Gold, Lime (pictured), Mint and Desert.

Fact #3: The Bushnell was first brought into the spotlight by an Alpha Gamma Delta sorority sister.

She bought her gold Bushnell wedges at a boutique in Summit Boulevard, Alabama. Little did she know when she picked up her very first pair of OTBT shoes, she’d be starting a craze that would last years to come.

Fact #4: Soon, the Bushnell wedges spread like wildfire all throughout the sisterhood.

The girls raved at the height, beauty and comfort of the platform wedges, and made a pact to sport such lovely gold sandals at every rush from then on. In fact, they were so pleased with Bushnell, it became a favorite for sports games, nights out and all activities that required long days on their feet.

Fact #5: In 2015, the Bushnell was christened “America’s Favorite Wedge.”

Just two years after its birth, the Bushnell was named “America’s favorite wedge” by an independent retailer in south Florida, where the platform wedges quickly became popular. Since then, Bushnell has spread all across the U.S., worn and loved by women just like you.

Fact #6: The Bushnell is crafted with a 3” heel with a 1.3” platform.

No wonder we feel so tall when we’re wearing them!


Fact #7: And in 2017, memory foam padding was added to all the new Bushnell wedges.

Just to make it even MORE comfortable than it already was. Check out this video to learn even more about the Bushnell’s amazing features.

Fact #8: To this day, over 30 different colors of the Bushnell have been made.

Our current color lineup includes the ever-popular Gold, Pewter, Black, Black Black, Coffeebean, New Bronze, Mid Taupe, Red, Marine and Desert – an original color brought back by popular demand.


Fact #9: And this year’s most popular color has been … the Desert!

Not surprising, really. Leopard print is a big trend this season.

Fact #10: We owe it all to you.

The Bushnell wouldn’t be America’s Favorite Wedge without the incredible women like you who made it all possible. We've come a long way, and we want to thank you for taking us there.

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