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Meet OTBT fan and newlywed, Aleigha! Back in April, this beautiful bride married the love of her life at a gorgeous barn ceremony and reception at J&D Farms in Alabama. She looked absolutely stunning in her breathtaking lace dress and carrying a beautiful bouquet of pink and purple blooms. But when it came to picking out her wedding shoes, instead of opting for painful dressy heels, Aleigha strapped on OTBT’s Trailblazer wedges to keep her comfortable all throughout her wedding day!

We had a chance to catch up with this lovely bride and find out more about her big day!

How did you and Micah meet, and when did you know he was the one?

Micah and I have known each other since we were little. Our parents went to high school together, and we grew up in the same town. So I’ve known him for a while, but I never really had a crush on him till I was in 10th grade.

Our story started in 2009, but the timing just wasn’t right. In March 2012, we started hanging out and things slowly started to fall into place. We became “official” boyfriend and girlfriend in October 2012, and in that same month is when I fell in love with him.

Between March and October, we had become best friends, and life was so much fun with him in it. He was the one I wanted to hang out with every day, and tell all my secrets to. We had formed such a strong relationship, and I just realized that I loved him so much and I did not want to live without him.

What are some of your favorite things to do together as a couple?

We love spending time on the water; whether it’s in the boat on Smith Lake, on jet skis at the Warrior River, or just sitting on the beach in Laguna Beach, Florida. We also love lazy days on the couch, while watching movies and eating pizza!

So, how did he pop the question?

Micah’s sister owns a boutique, and I occasionally model the clothes. I agreed to take some pictures with her on June 11, at Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, AL. His sister, the photographer, and I rode together to the gardens. They both knew what was about to happen, but they were such good actors and pulled it off. I literally had no idea what was about to happen!

Check out OTBT fan Aleigha Hooper's gorgeous wedding day in the Trailblazer wedges!

When we arrived at the gardens, I changed into my first outfit with OTBT’s Bushnell wedges, and we walked to the first spot. As we were walking, we saw a “Will you marry me?” sign, and bright, colorful flowers around it. I got my hopes up for one second, until his sister said, “Awwww, look, someone is getting engaged today!” My hopes were immediately shot down. At that same time, I saw a couple in the area, so I thought maybe that was for them.

We continued to walk on and began taking pictures. Eventually, I ended up with my back towards the sign, and little did I know, Micah was standing there behind me. He finally whistled at me, and I turned around to see!

Tell us more about your wedding planning process.

Well, I did not have a wedding planner; I did everything on my own. It was a little stressful, but I stayed determined and organized. I had a notebook with all my information and a lot of to-do lists. I had 10 months to plan and prepare, and it was just enough time. It was challenging working full-time and planning our wedding, but everything came together nicely.

Check out OTBT fan Aleigha Hooper's gorgeous wedding day in the Trailblazer wedges!

Check out OTBT fan Aleigha Hooper's gorgeous wedding day in the Trailblazer wedges!

Check out OTBT fan Aleigha Hooper's gorgeous wedding day in the Trailblazer wedges!

Your venue looked so beautiful! Did you always want to have a barn wedding?

Yes, absolutely! When the barn venues became real popular, I knew I wanted to get married in one! I just loved the look of it, and it fit Micah and I perfectly! I actually found J&D Farms on Pinterest a few years ago and fell in love with it. So glad I was able to get married there!

What made you decide to wear OTBTs for your wedding?

Well, I’m very familiar with the shoes; I owned a couple pairs before the wedding. So I knew they were comfortable and realistic to wear. My wedding was going to be outdoors, and there was no way I was wearing stilettoes. So I knew OTBTs would be the best fit.  I searched on the Internet and found the pair I wanted – the gold Trailblazer wedges!

Check out OTBT fan Aleigha Hooper's gorgeous wedding day in the Trailblazer wedges!

Check out OTBT fan Aleigha Hooper's gorgeous wedding day in the Trailblazer wedges!

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?

Oh goodness, that’s a tough one. There are a few, but two that stick out in my mind right now is right after we left the ceremony and the reception.

After we said I do, we sat on the balcony of the carriage house and ate dinner together before our reception. It was so peaceful, and one of the first times Micah and I were alone all day.

I also loved the reception. Just getting to see everyone and enjoy everything with Micah, my friends and family. Leading up to the ceremony, I felt very rushed, and it was hard to enjoy what was going on at that moment. So once we had our first dance and we cut the cake, we finally got to dance and enjoy ourselves.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We went to St. Lucia and stayed at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian resort. We stayed for 7 days, and the weather was perfect every day! We lounged on the beach and by the pool a lot. We also took a sunset cruise on a catamaran and a speedboat cruise, where we snorkeled, took a mud bath and got to eat a local meal. It was such a neat experience!

Any tips for future brides?

Oh, I’ve got a few:

  • Be prepared! Plan ahead! Make sure you have everything you need a week before hand. This will reduce a lot of stress.
  • Let your makeup artist begin getting everyone ready early in the morning, so you can make sure there is plenty enough time to get everyone ready, and so you can hang out with your girls before pictures begin.
  • Get back in touch with your vendors a few weeks before the wedding to make sure everything is lined up correctly.
  • Soak in every moment.
  • Get a great photographer and videographer, so just in case you can’t soak in all in, you will be able to look back at your photos and remember everything.

Your wedding day is one of the greatest days in your life! Don’t let even the smallest thing stress you out and ruin the day. Be gracious, thankful, and enjoy every moment. And also, if you’re looking for comfy shoes to where on your wedding day, choose OTBT. Their shoes are comfortable, cute, and they’ll make a great addition to your wedding day!

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