August 15, 2017 2 min read

Platform wedges – they’re not just a 70’s fad or ironic statement shoes. These iconic women’s wedges have been making their reappearance in full force these past few years, worn by young college fashionistas and stylish moms alike. And let’s be honest – we love our wedges! They’re comfortable, stylish, give us a great height boost, and look amazing paired with pretty much everything we have in our closets.

Platform wedges may be thought of as being more of a summer shoe, but who’s to say we can’t wear them well into the fall? If the weather’s warm enough, of course we want to sport our favorite fashion-forward wedge sandals. From summer vacay to game day, we sure get a lot of mileage out of our favorite wedges.

But what about when the weather starts getting a bit cooler? Those awkward summer to fall transition months tend to take a toll on our fashion choices, and we often question our wardrobe-related choices. Questions such as, “Is it gonna be too cold for shorts? When can I start wearing sweaters? Will I be roasting in these leggings?” Similar questions arise about our summer shoes and sandals. How long can we truly get away with wearing our wedges? And what about unseasonably warm fall days?

Meet the Jaunt, the latest summer to fall transition wedges from OTBT!
Meet the Jaunt, the latest summer to fall transition wedges from OTBT!

Well, if this is a question that vexes you to no end, here’s a fashionista secret. Truth is, you can typically get away with wearing wedge sandals all throughout fall, much longer than you may think. Just look for styles that offer a little more coverage than typical summer shoes.

One great example of this is OTBT’s latest platform wedges, the Jaunt. These adjustable ankle strap sandals feature an upfront design made with buttery soft leather and a unique front-stitch detail. What makes these platform wedges wearable for summer and fall is their open back, open toe design that gives just enough breathability to your feet, all while keeping them covered up enough for those somewhat chilly fall mornings. Available in Black and Mocha, the Jaunt is an awesome summer to fall transition shoe – and much like our popular Bushnell, it’s perfect for school days, game days, brunches with the girls, and fun shopping weekends.

This latest style is going fast, so be sure to check out the Jaunt and discover even more of the stylish comfort you’ve come to love from OTBT.


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