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It's Valentine's Day Weekend!! Here at OTBT, being the travel enthusiasts that we are,we can't wait for a weekend of travel that puts an emphasis on our love. There are so many romantic travel destinations it is hard to choose where you want to spend the weekend with that special someone. Feeling stumped on where to go? We have some ideas...

You can never go wrong when you head away from the cold to a warmer climate. So, with that in mind, why not hit a beach? Warm weather, sunshine and your love. What could be better? You can spend a few lazy days on the beach reading and relaxing, head back to the hotel for a steamy shower and then head off to a romantic on the town. 

The beach doesn't call for much outfit planning. All you need is a bikini during the day and a little sundress at night and lucky for us, the Bushnell goes great with both! No matter which color you choose, (and there are so many colors to choose from) your going to be cute and comfy (on the beach and on the town). Another great thing about spending your romantic weekend in a tropical paradise, is the amazing food options. From seafood to authentic local restaurants, you're pretty much guaranteed to find a great place to share a meal. 

So go ahead, choose the beach! What's more romantic than a bungalow?

Take a trip with your love this Valentine's Day in OTBT Shoes!

Our next idea turns away from the warmth and takes you on a get away to a winter wonderland! Snow, fires and snuggles. That's what you get when you head north for your VDAY weekend! Hitting the slopes and playful snowball fights can fill your days while defrosting in the hot tub and cuddling by the firelight can occupy the nights. Okay winter wonderland, you have our attention.

Layers are key in the cold; so you're going to want to bring lots of warm things. But hey, just because it's cold, doesn't mean you can't still look hot! The Ritchie can definitely help you achieve this look. A bootie with a fleece lining to keep your toes warm and the beautiful leather material, paired with the chunky heel, keeps you looking very attractive (crucial on a romantic Valentine's weekend). Pair it with some leggings, a puffer jacket, a hat and a scarf and you'll be good to go! 

You'll be sticking close to your sweetheart on this chilly trip (an added bonus) and your cuisine will be keeping you warm as well. Hot chocolate, soups and warm sandwiches are just what you'll be chowing on if there's snow in your weekend plans. 

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Traveling to different locations can be very romantic, but one romantic vacation you may be overlooking is, the Stay-Cation. Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to lounge around the house all day! 

A few extra hours snuggled up with your honey, followed by breakfast in bed with quiet chatting say no more! Poached eggs, bacon biscuits and blankets, yes please. When you finally decide to get out of bed (if you ever do) you can still be cozy while looking great! Pair the Graceville with your favorite indoor track suit for a not too casual look. 

A quiet weekend at home with your special someone may be all the "travel" you need for a romantic Valentine's Day. 



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No matter how you and your love decide to spend your Valentine's Day weekend, we hope that we can be a part of it (in shoe form that is). Until next time travelers, xoxo. 

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loretta mcdonald

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Awesome giveaway thanks for the opportunity???

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