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If we were to say the words "summer footwear", what would pop into your mind? Chances are, you were probably thinking of the flip flop - a staple in virtually everyone's wardrobe from the months of May to September (and sometimes even beyond). But because they are so common, flip flops have become ... a bit mundane. 

At OTBT, we like to go against the grain. We don't settle for mundane. And if you're anything like us, neither do you. So let's take a look at five styles that you can wear this summer as an alternative to flip flops:

1. Brookfield

otbt slip-on shoes summer brookfield blogLooking to add a little bit of height to your step? The Brookfield is a good choice. It’s a strappy platform wedge with a thong in-between the toes, much like a flip flop. This makes it easy to slip on and off your feet. Choose different different colors and textures: Gold and Pewter Mesh, and Blackscale.

2. Beachcomber
otbt slip-on shoes summer beachcomber blog

Similar to the Brookfield, the Beachcomber is also a strappy platform wedge with a thong in-between the toes. Unlike the Brookfield, however, it has metal ornamentation and a fun pattern on the straps. It's available in Timber Wolf and Black.

3. Drifter

otbt slip-on shoes summer drifter blog

Want something that’s a little lower to the ground, but still looks ultra stylish? The Drifter may be for you. It’s the perfect slide-in shoe, designed with comfort in mind. It comes in Elmwood, Black, and Hickory.

4. Rover

otbt slip-on shoes summer rover blog

The Rover is soooo soft and lightweight. The small holes allow for your feet to breathe, so they won’t get too hot. This wedge gives you a slight bit of height, without compromising on comfort. Get it in the colors Cloudburst and Black.

5. Cosmos
otbt comfortable shoes travel cosmos
Okay, so the Cosmos isn't technically a slide-on shoe, but we just couldn’t resist including it. With the velcro strap around the ankle, it's so easy to take on and off your feet. Plus, it's comfortable and so cute! It comes in Mid-Taupe, Black, and Stone.

Thinking of ditching your flip flops for something more stylish and comfortable? Which of these styles do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!




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Lisa Hiatt
Lisa Hiatt

June 22, 2016

I love the Brookfield! I have 2 pairs ofOTBT’s and love them!!!

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