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With the official start of summer approaching, we at OTBT are using this time to clean out our closets and update our look. We’re determined to take our summer style to the next level. Maybe you’re in the same boat. You’re looking to find great, versatile pieces that you can wear whenever – on hot summer days or cool summer nights, on casual get-togethers with friends or fancy first dates.

When it comes to versatile shoes, look no further than OTBT’s Bushnell. It’s one of our best sellers, and for good reason. This stylish wedge can be worn with just about anything. And we do mean anything.

Not convinced? Let us show you three ways you can wear the Bushnell:


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Looking for a casual outfit to hang out in? Maybe you’re playing guitar at an open mic night or just strumming away by a campfire. Regardless of where you are, you’ll probably want a shoe that’s comfortable to wear. The Bushnell has a cozy sole and slingback band that provides just the right amount of stretch. Pair the Bushnell with some cuffed jeans or jean capris. Add a nice cream-colored tank, and maybe a sweater with some fringe, especially if you’re inside in the chilly AC or out on a breezy summer night. Put your hair back in a bun and dress it up with a fun fabric headband or bandana. And if you’re wearing the Bushnell in Gold, make sure add some gold jewelry as well, like a long layered necklace or bracelet.


Check out OTBT Shoes on Polyvore for more great looks!
Let’s say you want to dress your outfit up a little bit. Maybe you’re going on a day trip with friends, hitting up the local farmer’s market, or maybe browsing through small-town shops and boutiques. Maybe you have no concrete plans for the day, but you’re excited for the possibility of a spontaneous adventure somewhere. You’re ready for anything, and outfit should reflect that. Pair your Bushnell with a lightweight, strapless romper, perfect for keeping you cool in the hot sun. Add a denim vest for additional coverage and some extra style. We like the idea of keeping a small satchel with you, to carry just the essentials. That way, you have what you need without having to carry about a heavy bag. Finish off the look the perfect accessories, like some bangles or dangle earrings, and the right touch of makeup.


Check out OTBT Shoes on Polyvore for more great looks!

Of course, sometimes you’ll need to go somewhere even nicer. Maybe you’re going out to dinner with your significant other, and you want to look your best. Once again, the Bushnells will look fantastic, no matter what you pair them with. We suggest a nice teal colored dress, especially if you’re wearing the Bushnell in Mint, as pictured here. We really like the small Boho-inspired touches of this outfit, like the silver fringe necklace and the braided hair. But don’t be afraid to embrace your glamorous side as well. Carry a modern, nude-colored tote bag. Finish your look with a dramatic smoky-eye look and add a neutral colored lipstick to balance it out.

There you have it – three different ways to wear the Bushnell this summer. Of course, that’s only three of them. When it comes to the summer fashion, the style possibilities are endless.

What look will you be wearing this summer? How do you plan to incorporate the Bushnell into your summer wardrobe? Share your outfit ideas in the comments below, or submit your pictures here. And if you love these looks, be sure to share them with friends!

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July 09, 2016

I just bought my first pair of OTBT Bushnell. ❤️❤️ I LOVE THEM!!! Going back for every color!!

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