March 02, 2016 2 min read

It's officially March and do you know what that means? SPRING BREAK! That's right, March is the month where you get a glorious break that everyone (especially people who don't get them anymore) is longing for. The best part about it (from our perspective at least) is the endless possibilities for our wanderlust souls to travel. AND, what day is more appropriate to talk about our upcoming wandering possibilities than Wednesday? 

Before we dive in, let's take a second to reflect on the beauty of Spring Break; a week or more of recess during the spring term at school (as defined by Free Dictionary). I think, that were the creator of Spring Break to step foot on campus somewhere, there would be quite the line to shake that persons' hand! TIMEmagazine wrote an interesting article on the history of Spring Break that gives you an interesting tale on who started the tradition. It's a great read but here's the gist, you can thank the Greek and Roman Wine Gods along with a swim coach from Colgate University for your time off!  

Celebrate spring break with your favorite styles from OTBT Shoes, including the Rexburg - our comfortable women's casual wedges.

Now that we have gotten off that rabbit trail... back to the wandering souls. Today, as we wander down this gravel road, we are dreaming about the places we can vacation to on our SB this year. As we look out towards the Blue Ridge Mountains, we realize, that (even though it's desirable) you don't always have to go far for your break. Generally speaking, you can find beauty and a place to relax right in your own backyard. 

If you want to leave town for break, now worries, we have ideas! Number one hot spot for Spring Breakers is usually the beaches of Panama City, Florida or Cancun, Mexico. BUT, if perhaps, you are looking for something, still fun, but a little more low key, we have some beaches you should consider. First up, Anna Maria Island in Florida. A cute little town full of beach bungalows and small town restaurants. Another option is, Gulf Shores, Alabama. In this underrated location, you will find that locals are friendly and the music scene is superb. Finally, if you're out West, you might want to try visiting Cayucos, California. A quaint surf town that has avoided over-development and is great for a fun and low key SB

Celebrate spring break with your favorite styles from OTBT Shoes, including the Rexburg - our comfortable women's casual wedges.

For a successful SB you're going to want (and need) outfit ideas because, you're going to be wandering and clothes are an obvious necessity. Today's outfit was inspired by the warm weather of spring and would be perfect for various SB outings. The loose denim dress paired with a beige matinê hat, a patterned sling bag and the Rexburg in Bark (of course) is perfect for the beach, exploring a warm southern-beach city, or sitting by the pool chatting with friends. 

Being by the mountains daily is GREAT but, we are currently having a little bit of beach fever. So, don't forget, no matter where you're headed for SB this spring look just works. 

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