March 08, 2016 2 min read

It's sunny and 75 degrees here in Virginia and we are taking advantage of it today! First thing this morning we packed up our camera (with extra batteries), hit the wardrobe room, picked out some of our favorite new spring shoes and were out the door.

So now we come to you, live and on location, from Camp Hydaway! We just had to check in and give you a behind the scenes look because this place is amazing. If you have an adventure seeking soul this place needs to be on your list! We have been exploring all ends of the area and found some amazing places to shoot photos. It's amazing what you can find right in your own back yard (you just have to take the time to look). 

Take a behind the scenes look at a recent photoshoot from OTBT Shoes.

Our first stop called for some time in the Free Spirit. We went right off the beaten track into a creek bed (we can't wait for the leaves to be back on the trees). The running water and the rocks looked great with this transition bootie and the overalls we had on Meghan (our model) are definitely on trend. We used this this location for more than just the Free Spirit but hey, we can't give away all our secrets.

Take a behind the scenes look at a recent photoshoot from OTBT Shoes.

Next, after a shoe and outfit change, we found a quaint water fall where we, of course, had to shoot the beloved Bushnell. Rocks, moss and a waterfall, what's more beautiful than that? The light was just right and our photographer was able to capture some amazing shots! 

Well we still have some more shoes to shoot so we have to run. Be sure to keep tabs on the blog we can't wait to show you the end products. Hope you enjoyed this quick behind the scenes look! Until next time friends, wander on. 

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