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Looking towards a more beautiful future? At OTBT, we believe sustainability is an important consideration in fashion.

That's why we're taking our first baby steps towards being a more sustainable fashion company. Introducing our latest innovations, coming soon for our SS20 collections. This is just the beginning, and we are looking forward to taking a journey down a better path with you.

women's sustainable fashion wedge shoes flexcork

Always on the move? Step forward with us into the future of fashion with OTBT's FlexCork, a flexible footwear innovation right out of the 22nd century.

FlexCork provides a comfy, flexible, and ultra-supportive step with each and every motion.

No matter how you move, bend, stretch or flex, these shoes are made to move with you. Best of all, they're sustainable - made with a mix of recycled cork bits to help our planet move forward into a greener, brighter future.

recycled flexcork materials for sustainability

FlexCork is already available in our Forever collection, including styles Tamson, Jeanette, Harriett, Florence and Pricilla. Look for new sustainable FlexCork women's wedges and sneakers coming soon for SS20!


sustainable fashion shoes for women with step lite travel lite

Up next, our newest sustainable innovation in our Travel Lite® collection.

Travel Lite® is an innovative, lightweight athleisure collection of sport casual, comfortable walking shoes for women. Coming soon for SS20... we've got a brand new material that's light and powers your step. Step Lite towards a sustainable future with bounce in every stride.

travel lite sustainable fashion shoes

Step Lite works with your foot structure using a unique molecular structure that creates a lightweight cushion and flexible bounce that’s superior to EVA.

It is scientifically shown to power your movements with spring back technology that keeps its shape and re-forms after each step. Step Lite is recyclable, and 100% of waste is repurposed through responsible manufacturing. 

There's more to come.

sustainable flex cork shoes

Our team is working quickly to improve our processes, reduce waste, and incorporate more recycled materials into our women's footwear for a more sustainable future. Check back for news and updates on our progress.



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Christine Kiehl
Christine Kiehl

September 23, 2019

Thank you for sharing this! Very interesting and very cool that you are doing this!!! I am preparing to purchase my first pair of shoes or boots from this company and knowing that you CARE about the world we live in helps me make this decision! You vs. the “others”! Happy Fall to All!

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