June 17, 2021 2 min read

In 2021, everyone is talking about sustainability. But as we're flooded with news bites, social posts and broad claims, it can be difficult to really understand what sustainable means, and how it's really impacting our world.

Let's start by saying, we're new to this game. But we care, and we've been working hard on improving our processes and materials to reduce our footprint.

We're here to tell you, that journey is just beginning.

The shoe that started it all – Alstead.It all started with our Step Lite Foam sole first launched with our #1 best selling sneaker, Alstead. This also marked the first use of our recycled rubber sole. 

otbt alstead sneakers with sustainable recycled rubber sole

Sustainability is the style of the season. 

Through a team of motivated innovators, we are reducing our footprint even farther with a transparent approach to design that begins with ethical sourcing of natural and recycled materials. Step Lite, and leave a smaller footprint. Cute and comfy? No problem. Better for the environment? Check. This technology not only eliminates waste in manufacturing, it uses a unique molecular structure that creates a lightweight cushion and flexible bounce that’s superior to EVA, scientifically shown to power your movements with spring back technology that keeps its shape and re-forms after each step.

otbt alstead sustainable sneakers

Small steps make a big difference in the fashion world today. We need to take responsibility for our daily decisions, and yes, that includes what we decide to wear on our feet. Now more than ever it is important to do your research before shopping. How do brands use the term “transparency”? Does the brand take specific initiatives to act on their sustainable promises? Does the company even have ethical and sustainable practices? These are all incredibly important questions to ask yourself before you buy. 

girl riding bike wearing sustainable fashion sneakers

Just like you can take small steps as a consumer, companies and brands can take small steps too. OTBT commits to using more natural and recycled materials, reducing waste, and continuing our mission to design more comfortable, and completely stylish footwear. If you loved Alstead, you’re going to love our most sustainable sneaker yet, coming June 2021.

Stylish, comfy, green. Watch for our Greener Sneaker's launch this June!

OTBT is here to reassure you that sustainability has never been so important to us and we are working night and day to make sure that we are leaving the planet a little better than we found it. This is just the start. Here’s to a greener future! 

Learn more about what we're doing by visiting our Sustainability page.

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