June 18, 2021 2 min read


Isn’t it time we all start making greener choices? We’ve been working on something new for you and it’s finally here! Introducing Greener Sneakers.


Our story begins with a new sole and a mission to help reduce our footprint. 


OTBT’s Greener Sneakers help reduce our footprint with a transparent approach to design. Each sole is built with natural rubber, recycled rubber shavings, recycled water bottles and rice husks. Our innovative leather tanning dramatically reduces water waste, and excess water is purified and recycled back into the environment.


 We're using more natural resources and recycled materials.

Using natural resources helps reduce waste and makes our sneakers what they are. Rice husks are an abundant, sustainable resource that’s often wasted. We transform these husks into rice husks ash silica, which is then incorporated into our rubber soles.

Our new sustainable, yet stylish sneakers are handcrafted in Brazil.

This is where style really meets sustainability and ethical fashion with our innovative and artful footwear collection with a sustainable message. We started with attraction to fashion, and now have the opportunity to drive the conversation of sustainability. Our two new sneaker styles, Court and Hologram feature playful prints that were selected to brighten your day.


It’s time to think, “what do my shoes say about me?”

Thanks to Greener Sneakers you can now be confident and happy in your sneakers while helping out our dear Mother Earth. Get playful in artful footwear, made for all of life’s occasions. 

Our iconic, modern court shoe and high top sneaker silhouettes are combined with fun patterns such as stars, camo, tropical, gold wink, snake, jungle, tie dye, and cheetah to make unique new OTBT styles, full of personality and perfect for any occasion. Style any one of these pairs for errands, class, work, or a day around town. These bold patterns will elevate any outfit. 

“Sustainable fashion is a must. The launch of Greener Sneakers is one small way we can show how easy, fun, and fashionable it can be to make better choices for the environment.”- Kristina Petrick, Representative. 

We're giving back, partnered with Rainforest Trust

Sustainable living doesn't just stop with making better fashion choices. That's why we've partnered with Rainforest Trust. For every pair of Greener Sneakers purchased on otbtshoes.com, we'll be preserving an acre of rainforest in Brazil and surrounding areas. Help us fight deforestation, and preserve our green earth one acre at a time.

Rainforest Trust was founded in 1988 when three conservationists decided to purchase and protect threatened rainforests and save wildlife through community engagement and local partnerships. 30 years later, their vision remains the same.

Their progress? So far Rainforest Trust has helped save over 37 million acres around the world. We're hoping to help grow that number.

women's sustainable sneakers with fashion, style and purpose | tie dye shoes

women's sustainable sneakers with fashion, style and purpose | a brighter future

Sought after for the style- chosen for a purpose.

Say hello to Greener Sneakers, our most sustainable sneakers yet. Join the movement.

Learn more about OTBT's efforts in sustainability at https://www.otbtshoes.com/sustainability.

 Want to see the whole collection? Check out the lineup here!

Together, we can make a difference, and usher in a greener world.

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