November 12, 2018 3 min read

Hey there, OTBT wanderers! It’s Kristina, OTBT’s Creative Director and lifestyle blogger for Day In My Dreams.

Fall has always been a transitional time of year for me. The cool morning air and bright rays of sun create such a delicious feeling, but also remind me it’s time to gear myself up for the cold weather approaching. Ready to beef up my winter wardrobe, I’ve been following the mega trends for the season for a full calendar year now. Here’s a breakdown of my top picks for the season based on the most exciting things we’ve seen coming for the new year, and a few items I’m definitely adding to my own collection.

One of the most fun (and certainly most cozy) trends of the year has been aprés ski athleisure style. Haven’t heard of it? Get ready to. Aprés ski represents a movement in fashion towards winter sports and being outdoor equipped. Translated into fashion, that means ultra-plushy linings, durable rubber soles, and styles made to resist the winter chill. The key items you won’t want to miss – the Slope and Pioneer. These cold weather boots are both equipped with fleecy, fuzzy linings and athleisure accents like the lace-up hiker style and exaggerated soles. I’ll be getting the Slope in Black and the Pioneer in Dark Pewter for my own wardrobe. Bring on the winter snow!

Want to stay warm on a night out? The Steerage is my top pick for high-fashion winter style. And by high, I do mean literally. This over-the-knee boot is our tallest boot yet, capping up over your knees to wear over leggings, or paired with a skirt and tights during those warmer winter days. OTK boots are one of the best parts of fall and winter, and if you happen to run into me on the streets, it’s likely what you’ll see me wearing.

Picking up speed for this season and already the biggest trend on our radar for next fall, western style has also re-emerged in a big way. Now is the time to invest in a pair that can keep you on trend for more than a season. Our designers have always done a great job in capturing western inspiration while keeping our shoes wearable for everyday life. Though you’ll see a lot more exaggerated western styles for next year, this year a subtle, better-than-basic style like the Red Eye is your go-to pick.

Moving into streetwear, 90’s grunge has come back strong. If you miss the underground, chunky boots, the Frontage in Black is your new key style. If you were more of a rock-and-roll 90’s girl, go for a classic high-top sneaker like the Round Trip in Dove Grey. Both will be making their way into my wardrobe before the end of the season. I’ll be wearing the Frontage with distressed shorts and oversized sweatshirts, and the Round Trip with natural-wash jeans and graphic tees.

Last but certainly not least, the first fall style that went into my wardrobe this season is the Transfer in Dove Grey. The long-reign of sporty style integrated into everyday fashion has been a trend that’s really worth delving into. While you can expect to see heels and dressier styles coming back in a few years, right now, comfort still reigns. The evolution of athleisure has landed in the mixology of the outfits. You can wear this athletic-inspired style not only with leggings and jeans, but also with dresses and formal suiting wear to play up the contrast between formal and casual wear.

The fall and winter 2018 season represents one of the strongest waves towards individuality while still holding strong to the nostalgia of the past. Fashion is an expression of the way we feel, so appreciate where you came from and feel free to evolve into who that’s made you today.

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