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A 6 a.m. flight meant a 4 a.m. wake up call, but with the excitement of spending the weekend in Chicago, hopping out of bed wasn’t too painful. My roommate powered through the early morning hours to drive me to the airport, and before the sun was even up, I was navigating the airport and drawing pictures of Chicago in my head.

The fun, the footwear, the food! All enticing, but this trip had a greater purpose, a cause near and dear to the heart of the OTBT family: Les Turner ALS FoundationNot only providing hope through scientific research, the Les Turner ALS Foundation is committed to supporting each person living with the disease, treating them like family and ensuring they receive the best quality of care.

How does Off The Beaten Track partner with this fantastic cause to make a difference? Through shoes, of course! With The Sole of Chicago – Lori’s Shoes, (our first stop in Chicago!), OTBT partnered together to design a unique and one-of-a-kind benefit shoe, the Transfer ALS. The classic white sneaker has the phrase “Strike Out ALS” and red accents that represent support for the foundation. Best of all, 100% of retail profits from the sale of these shoes will donated directly to the heart of research in cures for ALS.

At the ALS Walk for Life at Soldier Field, OTBT proudly displayed our benefit shoe, selling pairs alongside top OTBT favorites to benefit the foundation. The atmosphere was busy with vendors and participants, all there with a common goal- to raise money, support, and awareness for a disease that has affected so many people and families. I was joined by my ambassador cohort, Sydney, and OTBT CEO Billy Carrington, a trio that could not have been happier to give back to such a meaningful cause.

Music, powerful testimonies and participants already sporting the benefit shoe rocked the day, capped off by indulging in a classic Chicago deep dish pizza. Our time in Chicago was short but brought so much adventure, meaning, and new faces along the way.

OTBT is a proud part of the Les Turner family, and happy to do our part in creating a world free of ALS. Check out the Transfer ALS here.


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October 14, 2020

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