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“The key to a happy wander is always having a rain jacket in your pack, an adventurous spirit and comfy feet willing to go...everywhere!”  - Jo Ann Taylor, Travel blogger and Co-Founder of Walking Connection

Happy August from all of us here at OTBT Shoes! And happy Wanderlust Wednesday as well!

We’re excited to unveil one of the first styles in our new fall 2016 line! Introducing the Migrant, a sporty flatform that’s big on both comfort and style.

Travel anywhere - and everywhere - with this comfortable, versatile style. Whether you're a globetrotter or a casual weekend wanderer, the Migrant is the perfect solution for the everyday traveler.

Meet the Migrant, a comfortable women's platform flat from OTBT Shoes.

The Migrant features a stretchy elastic band to hug your ankle, and a cozy cradled footbed to provide you with just the right level of comfort and support. The platform is just the right height – high enough to give your stature a boost, but low enough to walk in comfortably.

And that’s what the Migrant was ultimately designed for – comfort, comfort, comfort! No matter where you go or how much walking you need to do, the Migrant will keep your feet cozy with every step you take. It’s the perfect choice to complement a casual (yet chic) on-the-go look. And its versatile nature makes it a great transition shoe – which means it can be worn in-between or across multiple seasons.

Meet the Migrant, a comfortable women's platform flat from OTBT Shoes.

The Migrant will be available in four fabulous shades: Grey Silver (pictured), Black, Wine and Mint. Keep an eye out for these great colors to appear both online and in-store.

What do you think of the Migrant? What outfit would you wear it with? Let us know in the comments below!

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August 16, 2016

Just received the Migrant in mint color and they are so stylish and so well made. Will wear them with jeans and long skirts for fall.

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