January 21, 2016 2 min read

In case you haven't heard, winter snow storm Jonas is about to blast the East Coast! We, of course, want everyone to be safe and warm throughout the storm but let's get real, who doesn't love a snow day? Here at OTBTwe love a good snow day (probably because we get to bust out some of our favorite shoes) and we are prepped and ready to help your feet battle the cold.

One OTBT favorite, that is sure to help you face the storm in style (and comfort) is the Ritchie. What makes this bootie perfect for the snow in your forecast? The fact that it's lined with fleece for optimum warmth and comfort, that's what. But hey, it's not just the comfort factor that we love, we also love that it's super cute. AND, did we mention it comes in three great colors? (Dune, Beige Blackand Dark Brown) Laces up the front and a heel in the back, paired with some fleece-lined leggings, a puffer jacket and a beanie; yeah snow, bring it on, we're ready. 

Next we have another one of our favorites, the Green Lake. This awesome leather sneaker has a thick rubber sole that is perfect for trekking around in the snow!  Wear it with jeans, leggings or even snow bibs; it's going to look great and keep you comfy. Like the Ritchie, the Green Lake also comes in three different colors. Havana isn't really part of your color scheme? No problem, try it in Dark Bronze or Dust Grey; one of the three is guaranteed to be your speed! 

So, now that our feet are ready for an adventure. What is your favorite thing to do on a snow day? We have been buzzing all week at the thought of the grand adventures we can get into with significant amounts of snow on the ground (we could get up to 3 feet, which is practically a blizzard for Virginia). A full day of activities is in order when all your plans and obligations fall to the wayside because of snow. A morning of sledding, snow ball fights, snowmen and snow angels is a must. Then follow it up with an afternoon of being cuddled in a blanket by the fire with some hot chocolate in hand. Then, if you throw in a good book and some good company how could anyone not love a snow day? 

WOW, we don't know about you but, all this snow day talk has got us very excited. Now, hurry and stock up on the things you need (Groceries and OTBT's) while you still can Jonas is headed our way and we can't wait to be snowed in with you! 

Snow Day with OTBT

Snow Day with OTBT

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