November 10, 2015 1 min read

Meet Jo Ann Taylor: walker, blogger, and travel enthusiast. Founder of Come Walk With Me and Walking Connection, we were so excited to be a part of her journey this fall into the depths of Scotland. While learning and exploring, she took advantage of a favorite from the OTBT Outdoor Explorer collection, the Green Lake. We love the way her pictures capture this season's must-have hiking shoe.

“Scotland is a meander through the pages of history, a winding course indeed. With every turn a new chapter -- sometimes the story centuries old. My strolls are never aimless, curiosity is the fuel. Rather purposeful, unhindered by preconceived ideas of what Scotland should be...

Wherever I walk, city street or village way, the doors are bright and colorful. A seemingly cheerful welcome to all who pass. And for those that follow Scottish tradition, it is custom to paint their door red when the mortgage is paid off. Cheers to those behind the many red doors!"

OTBT in Scotland

"Whether there is weather -- or not, the key to a happy wander is ALWAYS having a rain jacket in your pack, an adventurous spirit and comfy feet willing to go...everywhere!”  - Jo Ann Taylor


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