September 02, 2015 1 min read

Globe trotter Ashley Colburn was recently featured on Jetset Extra wearing our Stanton Moccasin. We love her laid back style and spirit of travel. Get the insider view as she tours the sacred grounds of Keahiakawelo and more. Aloha from Hawaii!

"There's lots to do in Lana'i! We took a four-wheel drive excursion out to see the Garden of the Gods, or Keahiakawelo (“otherworldly rock garden”), as the Hawaiians call it. The gardens are thought to have been created by two Hawaiian kahuna (“priests”), one from Lana’i and the other from Moloka’i, in a fight over a reward of great abundance to the winner’s island. It’s quite a change in scenery when coming from the beach; it almost feels like being on the moon. It makes for a fun half-day expedition. We also took a little horseback ride and some shooting lessons with Lanai Western Adventures. At the Lodge at Kohele, visitors can take a fantastic ride through Lana’i’s countryside as well head up to the shooting range for some fun target practice. It’s a ton of fun, and a knowledgeable shooting instructor will work with you to make sure you are safe and having a great time."

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