March 06, 2015 1 min read 2 Comments

As spring approaches, slip on our new Galion camo normcore embroidered shoe and take to the town in search of unexplored places. After every consecutive turn and tumble through the city, unearthed places are waiting to be discovered. Finding new graffiti, street sculptures, hiding places, and animal hangouts will revive the wandering spirit in this new sunny season to come.


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OTBT Shoes
OTBT Shoes

January 15, 2018

Hi Lorie! Unfortunately, it looks like this shoe is no longer in stock. We are, however, introducing some new slip-on styles for the season. Please feel free to take a look at some of our newest shoes and see if there’s anything that interests you!


Lorie Lund
Lorie Lund

January 14, 2018

If the camo steel gallion sneaker becomes available. Please let me know

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