August 15, 2016 3 min read

If you’re someone who travels, chances are you’ve probably taken a flight or two during your many adventures. Here at OTBT Shoes, we know that catching a flight can be an exciting, but often stressful time. Before you even arrive at the airport, multiple thoughts may be racing through your mind all at once. Have I packed everything? Did I pack too much? Will my carry-on bag fit into the overhead bin? How long will the security lines be? Will I have enough time to make my connecting flight? And so on and so forth.

Perhaps another one of the questions you’ve asked yourself is, “Which shoes should I wear to the airport?” Obviously, you’ll want shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in, but there may be other elements to consider when picking the perfect pair of kicks. Fortunately, we here at OTBT Shoes want to make that decision process easier for you. Here’s three OTBT styles that we think are the best for wearing to the airport:

1. The Protestor

Check out these 3 styles from OTBT Shoes that are perfect for wearing to the airport.

If you’re looking for a more stylish option to wear to the airport, we think the Protestor could be a good fit for you. These lightweight flats have a Velcro strap, which makes them easy to take off for when you need to go through airport security. This also ensures that they won’t slip off your feet when you're rushing to make your connecting flight. The Protestor is comfortable to walk in, which makes it a great choice for big airports with long terminals. And if you’ve got plans after you land and don’t have time to change, you can walk off the plane in style with these textured metal-embellished flats. All you need is an equally stylish travel outfit, and you’re good to go!

2. The Migrant

Check out these 3 styles from OTBT Shoes that are perfect for wearing to the airport.

Appropriately named, the Migrant is the perfect travel shoe. Much like the Protestor, these shoes are easy to slip on and off, which makes going through security lines a breeze. But what sets this style apart is its emphasis on comfort. The Migrant features a stretchy elastic band to hug your ankle, and a cozy cradled footbed to provide you with just the right level of comfort and support. So, if your connecting flight ends up being in the terminal far across the other side of the airport, you can take comfort (pun intended) in the fact that all this walking won’t take a toll on your feet.  Plus, the Migrant is also super stylish. What more could you ask for?

3. The Normcore

Check out these 3 styles from OTBT Shoes that are perfect for wearing to the airport.

If you decide to opt for a more athletic shoe to wear on the plane, then be sure to check out the Normcore. These comfortable, lightweight sneakers are perfect for achieving a more casual travel style. Not only that, but they’re also super practical. If you’re someone who always gets cold feet while sitting in the chilly airplane cabin, then the Normcore is a good option for keeping your feet toasty and comfortable. Speaking of, these shoes are very comfortable and durable, no matter how far you need to walk to get to your next flight. And, if you’re worried about the laces “tying you up” while you’re in the security line, don’t be – the Normcore can also be worn without the laces. This makes it a versatile, yet oh-so-stylish travel style that’s perfect for your next flight.

So there’s three OTBT styles that you can consider wearing for your next trip to the airport. All three of them are closed-toed, comfortable, lightweight, easy to remove, and of course, stylish! Which of these styles do you like the best? What are your tips for selecting perfect airport footwear? Let us know in the comments below!

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