April 13, 2016 2 min read

It’s festival season! Time to enjoy the long days of summer featuring your absolute favorite bands, wine and activities while meeting new people from all over, all in a fun-filled, ear-blasting atmosphere that will be the time of your life, presuming your stamina is up for it. You’ll be raving about these experiences for a long time. (And not just the ones involving less than ideal restrooms.)

So, are you ready? We know how crucial it is to have the right supplies, food and water to ensure there are no hiccups to ruin your fun. While you’re thinking about sunscreen and flashlights needed to make it out alive, don’t forget the basics: your attire and shoes, capable to stand up to the long days and cool nights outside. Festivals are all about enjoying the outdoors, music and great company. We know you will be spending countless hours on your feet, so your shoe attire should be the most important item you pack.

Make sure you come prepared with an adorable and versatile wedge like our “Eccentric” style.  Perfect for your entire festival wardrobe, this shoe screams edginess and comfort, ideal for making a statement in the crowd. With its popular gold-brushed arrows and brown hues, you are bound to get noticed for your footwork. Pair the Eccentric with a fringe crop top (coolness is a necessity), a button-down skirt, metallic tattoos, great shades, a cross-body bag and you are ready to take on your day! Would you believe it? Getting ready in a camping tent has never been easier.

Your free-spirited self is itching to be on the grounds, soaking up the sun, smells, sights, and styles. It’s the perfect experience for exploration of new people, music and of course, fashion. Go ahead and wear something a little more adventurous. Who knows, you might start the next Coachella must-have.  

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