April 01, 2016 2 min read

Congratulations on making it through another week roughin' and toughin' it at the office, the weekend is finally here. In case you had beautiful weather today and were able to, today is National Walk to Work Day (which if we had it our way, everyday would be walk to work day).    

We decided to celebrate the holiday and strap on our super comfortable, foot cradling Caravan shoes to explore outside the office ( unfortunately our commuting distance is too far by foot). 

The weather here is finally warming up to a balmy 60 degrees and we are thrilled to be able to bust out our open toed shoes once again. 

Virginia is known for it’s gorgeous mountains, forestry and landscape. Just wait until we are further in the season when spring will be in full bloom. The trees will be full, the grass will be an emerald green and the florals will be picture perfect, probably better than your current newsfeed on Instagram. 

Today during our outing, we came to an unanimous conclusion that our Caravan’s are really the ideal shoe for adventures. We relished in taking a break from the crazy hustle and bustle to enjoy a mini hike. Our Caravan comes in four perfectly natural colors that are bound to go with every outfit in your closet. Jeans, skirts, slacks, dresses this shoe is perfect. Best of all the comfort is out of this world. There is so much cushiony goodness, your feet feel like they have trod on down pillows. 

Strap on the Caravan women's wedges for National Walking Day!

If you missed jumping on the bandwagon (ahem you mean Caravan) for National Walk to Work Day, take a few minutes out of the rest of your day and enjoy a nature walk. It’s amazing how those few moments  outdoors really give you a chance to rejuvenate your soul. Each time we venture out of the office, we are constantly reminiscing and planning our next big trip as well as having adventurous day dreams. 

Wanderers, have a safe weekend and get a chance to explore. We know you have big plans that are bound to be something great. Enjoy your time off the beaten track and make sure to share with us. We love hearing from you. 

Bye for now, 

The OTBT Team.  

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