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So travel has been a bit, er... complicated lately. But for those of us who truly seek adventure, nothing can stop us.

Planning a trip in 2022? Join us as we chat with Jessica Rooney from @yogameetstravel (Flight Attendant, Yogi Guru and one heck of an inspirational woman) as she shares her pro travel tips. Plus, discover a few of her favorite adventures, adventure goals and inspirational words of encouragement for the New Year.

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"Go. Do it. Make it happen."
– Jessica Rooney


Q: Flight attendant, yogi master and so much more, tell us a little about your lifestyle of travel and adventure.

"Oh man, I would say the best single word to describe it is a whirlwind. But that is where the gift and practice of yoga comes into play. The mindfulness of the practice reminds me to find and create balance as much as possible, especially when I am on the go. Otherwise, you will burn yourself out or won't have the energy you need to stay moving and happy. Yoga was introduced to my life and became routine first. Travel was always an underlying passion. The career of becoming a flight attendant allowed the two passions to mix together quite perfectly." – Jessica Rooney, @yogameetstravel

flight attendant @yogameetstravel shares her travel tips for 2022

Q: How many places did you travel to in 2021? What was your favorite destination and activities on your trips?

"Wow. Good question. I do not keep track anymore! Between flying places for work, sometimes you are just passing through airports/cities, and sometimes it's a short overnight trip so it's hard to say what counts as travel to me now. It is almost constant to some extent. I am based on the west coast and I am from the east coast, so I cover a lot of ground just getting to and from work. Then you add work trips, and then you add where I choose to go on days off, it's a lot!

Highlights of 2021, always Hawaii. I did a big 2 week personal trip there in April of 2021 and island life is always so freeing, healing, and magical.

There is nothing like it, and I am all for spending as much time in the ocean, hiking, and anything in the sun.

As far as work trips go, I go to Hawaii when I can (usually Maui) and I did have a 27 hour Puerto Vallarta layover in December. Puerto Vallarta was not only a new destination for me, but beautiful and nice to get out of the country for a bit!"

yogameetstravel travels to hawaii

Q: Travel got a little crazy the past couple of years. What adaptations have you made to feel safe and comfortable while continuing your journey?

"Travel did get a lot crazy the past few years. If anything I have just upped my self care routine. Staying active, feeding and fueling your body with nutrients, and all the water you can get. I have also found myself spending more time alone. When you are in a metal tube with over 100 people for hours of your day,...

...you have to make "you time" a priority. Lots of yoga for me. Meditation. Journaling. And sleep. I also have hand sanitizer in about every work and personal bag I own, can't have enough of that these days!"

@yogameetstravel stays active in otbt shoes

Q: What were some of your biggest challenges in 2021, and how did you overcome them?

"Hmmm without getting too detailed, I'd say 2021 taught me who I can truly rely on and trust. I figured that out the hard way and it was a struggle and emotional but I am better for it. With a lot of eyes on you in the social media world, comes a lot of support, connections, and opportunity. However, haters, naysayers, and jealousy are alive and well too.

yogameetstravel provides travel tips for 2022

You have to dig deep. You have to be true to yourself, what you represent, and believe in. Know that you can only control you, and for me that was where my faith, family, and close friends shined the brightest and it helped me move forward."

Q: Do you have any new year’s travel resolutions? Or a bucket list of places you hope to visit?

"There is a never ending list of beautiful places to go, and places I would love to revisit too!

I'd say as far as the states go, I want to spend more time on Kauai. I have heard nothing but amazing things and I have only ever been there for a 24 hour layover. I have also heard great things about Costa Rica, and Tulum...I see those on the 2022 vision board. Thailand is high on the list, Bali I need to return to, as well as Greece and Italy. As far as resolutions go, I keep it simple now. To be a better person mentally, physically, and spiritually every single day. Continuing to take constant steps to make that my reality."

Q: What are some tips for our readers for traveling in 2022?

"Go. Do it. Make it happen. Wherever you have been thinking and dreaming about, it is for a reason. Don't overthink it, don't over-plan it, there is beauty to be found in flexibility. Do not let fear of anything or anyone hold you back."

travel blogger @yogameetstravel wears otbt shoes

Q: You’re often spotted in OTBT during your travels, what makes us a top pick for you on the go?

"I can't tell you how many random compliments I have gotten from people when I am rocking my OTBT kicks. They are fashionable, cute, unique, SO EASY TO PACK, and lightweight.

@yogameetstravel shares travel tips in otbt shoes for travel

I live in them. It makes life on the go easy. Lightweight sneakers feel better on your feet and even better carrying a suitcase. I feel like a lot of times you have to sacrifice style for comfort, and every single pair of OTBT shoes give you the luxury of having both. Highly, highly recommended." 

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