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Best travel outfits with yogameetstravel and otbtshoes

Our favorite Flight Attendant and Yoga Instructor, Jess of Yogameetstravel, launches her very own clothing line and partners with OTBT to show off the new collection of travel must haves.

Check out the soft tees, lightweight sweatshirts and inspiring mottos – plus discover her inspiration behind the collection as we chat about her journey.

Jess' casual style is "a lifestyle turned brand", and celebrates life on the road and everyday motion, just like us at OTBT shoes! Which is why we were so excited to be amongst the first to announce and celebrate her launch.

The capsule collection reminds us just what's most important in our life's journey with playful messaging...

like "smile and say hi :)", "text me when you land", and "be a nice human". You'll find an assortment of tees, sweats, caps, tanks, and even onesies for all the traveling moms out there.

Paired with some of her favorite OTBT sneakers, the collection is jet-set ready for your next vacay, and also makes great gifts for your traveler friends. Discover her collection online, shop the looks, and learn more about her journey as we interview her on the launch her lifestyle turned brand. 

Best travel outfits with yogameetstravel and otbtshoes


"It's no surprise that the last few years have brought out a lot of change, and eye opening circumstances that have sparked a lot of questions and reroutes. (Pun intended ;) ) The pandemic hit the travel industry hard and many people (including myself) took time to try new things, rethink their careers, and change or add to their path accordingly.

yogameetstravel instagram

My Instagram @yogameetstravel has gradually grown over the course of my flying career, and I wanted to expand upon that community beyond the Instagram app itself. 

The Yogameetstravel brand wasn't the overnight idea but the smaller steps and creative conversations on the way to building my website is what got my head going in the right direction. 

Once I had a website and logo that encompassed who I am and what I wanted the brand to look like, it naturally felt right to get it on clothing.

I wear and promote enough athleisure from other brands as an influencer on a regular basis, so why not get creative with my own? :)" – Jessica Rooney, Founder of Yogameetstravel


"My Yogameetstrael logo with what I like to call the "Cartoon Jess" (the girl that mimics me doing a handstand on a suitcase) was the start. Cartoon Jess is a fun design in itself that grabs your attention, ties my two passions together, and the words Yoga meets Travel in the logo.

I have expanded upon my logo to add mindful sayings and words that either make you smile, or relate to travel. 

text me when you land travel photos

For example, "Text me when you land." It's a text that carries a lot of weight and never gets old to receive.

Whether it comes from your mom, a friend, or a significant other, it is quite literally a love language. In other words, let me know when you made it safe. I care about you. I love you. Who doesn't like hearing that? So naturally, I thought it would be a cute crewneck to wear when traveling for fun and when I'm not in uniform. 

Another one I love from the collection is "Catch Flights, & Feelings.". I feel like in the aviation industry and in general, people act like it has to be one or the other. You can only be in love, or you can only travel. Ideally, I think having someone you care for or love and someone that also enjoys traveling is the real goal. Who says you have to pick just one?

be a nice human travel outfit

"Be A Nice Human" speaks for itself. It is pleasant to read and makes just about anyone smile. It is a simple and powerful message that we can't ever get enough of."

otbt best travel shoes


"OTBT Shoes and Yogameetstravel Merch are both promoting lifestyles for the traveler. They are both casual, comfortable, and inspiring. The products together and individually prompt a second look and oftentimes spark up a conversation. As a fellow traveler, there are never enough conversations to be had when you are on the go and in a new place, city, state, or country."

I was SO pumped on this collaboration idea, it couldn't be more perfect! I quite literally live in OTBT shoes.

OTBT Shoes and Yogameetstravel Merch are both lightweight, filled with fun color options, easy to pack, comfortable, and you get compliments everywhere you go. The two have similar color pallets as well and pair perfectly together if I do say so myself. :)"

In celebration of the Yogameetstravel Merch collection, we sent Jess our newest travel sneaker, FREE to style with her athleisure looks. Check out the collab below, and shop your favorite looks!


casual travel outfit ideas yogameetstravel otbt shoes hoodie and tote



"I love that there are two shoelace color options for the new "Free In" OTBT shoes! I also love all the different color options in the shoe itself. You know you have found a good shoe when you literally want it in every single color." – Jessica, Yogameetstravel

casual travel outfit ideas yogameetstravel otbt shoes crewneck and cap



"As always, OTBT shoes are lightweight and don't bog down your suitcase. You can pack like 3 pairs of OTBT shoes for the weight of one pair to another brand. They also squish and compact down well in a suitcase, huge for me!" – Jessica, Yogameetstravel

casual travel outfit ideas yogameetstravel otbt shoes crop sweatshirt and sneakers



"The best part about the OTBT shoes is that they can be dressed up or dressed more casual. The sneaker in itself makes a casual outfit more colorful and exciting."  – Jessica, Yogameetstravel

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