November 03, 2017 3 min read

Hey OTBT Wanderers! The month of October has finally come to a close, and boy, what an action-packed month we had! Aside from all of the general busyness going on at our home office, we recently took an amazing trip down to Alabama, visiting local boutiques, throwing events, and arriving at University of Alabama just in time for Homecoming. Here’s a rundown of some of the awesome experiences we had on our trip!

We left Lynchburg in the middle of the week, catching a flight from Roanoke to Atlanta, and then on to Huntsville, Alabama where we picked up our rental car, (which we crammed full of our suitcases, giveaways and event items) and drove to Birmingham. The next day we hit up Alabama Outdoors, where we held a super fun ladies night event with the team there. From creating our own fall-scented foot scrubs to delicious refreshments and giveaways, we had a blast! Once the event ended, we hit the road again – this time for Tuscaloosa.

Check out OTBT's recent trip to Alabama for U of A's homecoming game and more!

The next item on our itinerary for the following day was meeting with some of our favorite customers, the University of Alabama sorority sisters. So we once again piled into our rental and set out for the university. Driving onto campus, we were greeted with a complete sensory overload. Crowds of students and families flooded the streets and loud, frequent chants of “Roll Tide” filled the air as we drove past several vibrant, artistic murals that the sorority houses created for Homecoming. So many people with such amazing school spirit! It was so overwhelmingly awe-inspiring.

After making several loops around campus, trying to navigate through the crowds and getting a bit lost in the process, we eventually made it to the sorority houses where we would be meeting up with the students. The sorority sisters gave us a warm welcome; and despite the chaos of the weekend, we truly did feel at home. We walked from sorority house to sorority house, talking with the students and handing out some of our newest OTBT styles as giveaways. Because what better way to make the day even more awesome than by handing out free pairs of shoes?

The next day was game day, and we couldn’t be more excited! This was the day we would be tailgating and holding an event with a team from Kinnucan’s, a chain of department stores all throughout Alabama and the southern U.S. Our team member, Carmen even got to walk in the parade with some of our sorority influencers, all sporting their comfy Sewell sneakers.

Check out OTBT's recent trip to Alabama for U of A's homecoming game and more!

Check out OTBT's recent trip to Alabama for U of A's homecoming game and more!

There was a lot of walking, which gave Carmen plenty of time to test out our new Gravity slides. And she was not disappointed! They kept her on her feet and remained comfortable all throughout the parade route. Aside from the comfy shoes, the lively, fun-filled atmosphere of the campus gave her a rush of adrenaline and energy. Time flew by, and before we knew it, our game day festivities and the last event on our itinerary was over.

Sunday finally rolled around, and it was back to Virginia! Despite the busy itinerary and fast-paced nature of our trip, we really had an amazing time! Seeing the University of Alabama students get so excited for game day made us nostalgic for our college days. Being right in the center of events, we couldn’t help but get swept up in the excitement. Returning to Lynchburg, we were exhausted, but satisfied. It was a whirlwind trip, but we enjoyed every second of it.

Check out OTBT's recent trip to Alabama for U of A's homecoming game and more!

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