January 04, 2021 2 min read

Yes, it’s true. The time has come, this crazy year of ours has finally come to an end. 2020 has brought plenty of challenging times and uncertainty. Although the new year will not magically turn back time and fix everything broken by 2020, it will bring a newfound hope to everyone and promise brighter days. To keep spirits high we encourage all our Off The Beaten Track Wanderers out there to start brainstorming some fun and safe new years resolutions. We’ve been working on our list so here are a few great ideas. 

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#1 Step Outside your comfort zone

Between the lockdowns and the quarantines of 2020 it’s obvious we have all gotten a little sick of our homes. We can’t believe we’re saying this, but there is such a thing as too much couch time and binge watching. Since we are taking steps to finally end this pandemic, 2021 should be a time to step out of your comfort zone and travel places and do things you normally wouldn’t - Covid safely of course. If camping or hiking is not something you would normally sign up for, take this opportunity to start planning a trip where you can try something new, you might just love it! 

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#2 Get Outdoors

This pandemic has made us appreciate outdoor activities in such a new way. I mean, who could’ve guessed we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the outdoors for a whole year! Use this new year to get off your couch, out of your sweats and get outside.Spending time in nature, whether it’s in your local park, trudging along one of your state’s hiking trails, or embarking on an ambitious trek further away, is good for you. Getting outside and getting active doesn’t just increase your physical fitness. It boosts your mental health and, quite literally, broadens your horizons. Grab your pair of outdoor OTBT shoes, some friends, and hit the hiking trail. 

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#3 Explore your own country

It’s fair to say that going into 2021 we still will not know what international traveling will look like, but this creates the perfect opportunity to explore your own country! This country has so much to offer from the beaches of California to the mountains of Colorado! Now is the ideal time to stay domestic with your travels and explore places that you never would have thought to. Road trips have become increasingly popular during this time and an amazing opportunity to wear our Alstead sneaker in dove grey. So pull out your map and start plotting that journey. 

These are just a few ideas to inspire your next travel resolution. We all need 2021 to be the best year yet so start acting like it! Use these ideas to brainstorm your next adventure and set a list of New Year's resolutions that will get you outside and experiencing new things. If you do decide to have new adventures in 2021, remember to stay safe, travel responsibly and relish the chance for new experiences.

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