June 09, 2021 3 min read

If you know OTBT, you know what comfort means to us. Yep, it’s pretty much everything. We love our Travel Lite® collection and styles, and it’s time to talk more about one of our secret weapons, the science behind Travel Lite®'s Step Lite foam.

This revolutionary material that’s ultra-lightweight and provides a deep cushion in every step. Plus, it's recyclable, and 100% of waste is repurposed through responsible manufacturing.  

step light sustainable fashion footwear

More bounce, less waste.

Step Lite is a sporty, bouncy material deeply integrated in our Travel Lite® collection. Presented first in our best-selling Alstead sneaker, the collection is growing, with top styles selling out as fast as we can restock.

We're not perfect, but it's one small step towards a greener future. And we're not done. Get ready for the launch of our most sustainable sneaker yet, ETA June '21!

In the meantime, take a look back at where we started, with some of our favorite styles made with Step Lite and recycled rubber soles!

lightweight women's walking sandals


Our focus here is comfort, shocker. But I mean why even make shoes if they’re going to be stiff and painful? Shift in gold is the ultimate strappy sandal with a fun outdoor silhouette. The golden hardware details and trendy burnished gold leather make this little number one for every adventure. Dress them up or wear them casual! The Step Lite foam provides spring back technology, re-forming after every step for a cushy experience you can feel.

women's sustainable footwear


Step Lite Foam is something like you’ve never felt before. Carbon in boxwood is OTBT's evolution of fashion designed to support your lifestyle. This sandal can move as much as you, with dramatic stretch becoming an extension of your every step. This is comfort you can really feel, all tied into a cool, contemporary design.

women's sporty walking sandals


Twist, step, bend and flex. Sierra is the evolution of Travel Lite®'s latest innovation in sporty style. Finally, there's a sandal that can move as much as you do. The center strap is made with a stretchy elastic gore, allowing you to adjust to the perfect fit. You already know how perfectly this sole fits and forms to your foot. These are the lightest sandals yet and will keep you feeling like you’re walking on clouds. 

women's boho walking sandals


Cute, comfy, and sustainable? Yep, that’s all we need. If you don’t already own a pair, Springer is sure to become your new go to sandalfrom errands, nights out, and everything in between. Springer in spotted dalmation print is giving off some serious boho vibes complemented by its fresh altheisure sole. The only question is, dress or shorts? We vote both. The bounceback sole will keep you going all day long, but you already know that. 

women's walking sneakers


If you know and love our Alstead sneaker, well get ready to fall in love with Vicky. Vicky is a contemporary women's sneaker equipped with gear that's designed to feel as light as air, and it is designed with a breathable sport mesh to keep your feet cool while you move. She’s cute and extremely comfortable, but the best part is how light vicky is. Much like Alstead, Vicky is the perfect travel shoe because it is so compact and can fit into any luggage without hassle. 

women's silver metallic walking sneakers


Slide those feet into something perfectly stylish and comfortable. Get the perfect summer look without even trying. Wayside is one of our favorite slide sandals with its glittering metallic leather. Beauty and comfort have truly become synonymous with Wayside this season. 

Some of these styles might be ones you know and love and some might be new to you! Either way, we wanted to focus on the comfort and sustainability of our Step Lite cushion combined with our recycled rubber soles. Be stylish and guilt free while helping our planet this summer in Step Lite.

Lean into more comfort and less waste. 

sustainable fashion footwear

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