July 13, 2018 3 min read

Hey there, OTBT wanderers!

Ready to dig your toes in the sand, soak up the sun, and make a splash in the ocean? So are we! From the sand to the surf and everything in between, there’s nothing quite like a day at the beach! So go on – take some vacation days, toss your beach chairs in the truck, and get ready for a shoreside excursion like none other!

And of course, no beach day vacay is complete without the all the essentials you need for a day spent lounging on the sandy shores. Want to pack the perfect beach bag, filled to the brim with all your favorite beachside necessities? Here’s what you’ll need to do!

Pick the Right Bag

Start by finding the perfect bag to hold all of your beach day essentials. Bigger is better, and an oversized tote bag is just what you need to fill up with all that bulky beachside paraphernalia. OTBT’s Copa tote makes a great beach bag, due to its spacious design, convenient compartments, sturdy leather construction, and stylish metallic finish. (And seriously, isn’t this gorgeous ocean blue hue just perfect for the beach?)

Find an Instagram-Worthy Beach Towel

Do it for the ‘Gram. Seek out towels and beach mats with pretty patterns, fun colors, or whatever speaks to your unique style. The more stylish your towels and mats are, the more awesome your Instagram beach photos will look. Because hey, go big or go home.

Remember the Three S’s

Sunnies, sandals and sunblock. These are your beach day essentials that you can’t live without. Make sure you include them when packing up your bag for the day. Your eyes, feet, and skin will thank you!

And if you’re on the lookout for beach day sandals, we highly suggest these chic silver Departure wedge slip-ons. 😉

Throw Some Shade

Sunscreen will keep you from getting burned, but you’re still going to want some shade to take a break from the hot summer sun. Take along your favorite beach umbrella and oversized floppy hat, and you’ll have a sweet escape from the heat of the day, should you need it. Plus, straw beach hats are just plain cool! (Pun intended.)

Stay Hydrated!

The trek to and from your beach house or hotel room may be a long one, so be sure not to leave without taking along something to quench your thirst. A big bottle of water is essential for staying hydrated out on the beach, and it might not hurt to take a long a few juiceboxes just in case you or your beach day companions are craving something sweeter. You may want to also take along a small cooler to keep your drinks chilled, if you plan on staying longer.

Keep a Smaller Bag Filled with Essentials

Your phone, ID, keys, and lotions can easily fall to the bottom of the bag if you’re not careful. Keep everything organized by tossing in a smaller bag that you can easily fill with these essential items. OTBT’s Corina wrislet makes an especially handy bag for this scenario. And even better, its stylish Pewter color goes along well with the Copa tote in Blue!

Don’t Forget About Entertainment

True, you can just bring your phone for Internet browsing – but it’ll lose wifi, drain battery and overheat in no time. So it’s best to come prepared with alternate forms of entertainment. Magazines and books are great for beachside reading, and a little Polaroid camera is perfect for catching all the fun memories of the day. And if you are going to use your phone to stream music, make sure you take along headphones.

Pack Some Snacks

All that swimming and splashing in the ocean waves will make you hungry! Come prepared with a few healthy beachside snacks, like dried fruit, trail mix or pretzels to tide you over until your next meal. Better yet, pack up some sandwiches and make it a picnic on the beach.

So there you have it – the essentials you need to pack up the perfect beach bag! Are there any items we forgot about? Let us know in the comments below!

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