May 10, 2017 2 min read

Thank you, mom. We never say it enough, but when days like these roll around, we’re reminded of all you are and all that you’ve done for us. So we’d like to take a moment and express our gratitude for you – our biggest supporter, loudest cheerleader, and trusted friend.

Thank you for your kind and generous heart, which always made sure we got what we needed (and then some!)

Thank you for your constant encouragement and support, which got us through life’s hardest challenges and big decisions.

Thank you for your tireless patience, which dealt with everything from toddler temper-tantrums to teenage moodiness.Thank you for your shared wisdom and sound advice, which helped us discern which path to take and navigated us through indecision.

Thank you for the abundant forgiveness for when we let you down and made the wrong choices, and the unsolicited affirmations when we made the right ones.

Thank you for your brave heart and rock-solid faith, which showed us that we never had to be fearful of whatever the future had in store for us.

Thank you for your persistent and upbeat attitude, which inspired us to conquer any task set before us with gusto, spunk and moxie, setting high but attainable goals and never backing down from a challenge.

Thank you for your adventurous spirit and your zest for life, which taught us to make the most of every day and never take it for granted.

Thank you for being there for it all, from first steps to final exams. And for being there when we needed it most, from flus and colds to heartbreak and break ups.

And most importantly, thank you for your selfless love, putting us first and teaching us how to do the same for others.

Thank you, mom! We love you!


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