December 31, 2015 1 min read

In 2015, all we could do here at OTBT was rave about the Bushnell; we love everything about it. It's great in any color, (and there are so many to choose from) it goes great with any outfit, it's super comfortable and it's the perfect fit for any adventure. We love it so much that we are bringing it with us into the new year (because how could we abandon a wanderer's favorite?).

But hey, don't just take our word for it, Rebate Zone just published a New Year Gift Guide and what will you find on the list of perfect 2016 gifts?  You guessed it, the Bushnell. They express how there is nothing not to love about this OTBT shoe and who wouldn't love to get a pair, or ten, as a gift this new year. 

There you have it, it's official, the Bushnell will take you adventure-crazed travelers right into the new year with the perfect amount of style and comfort.  

Check out the Gift Guide HERE 

Bring in 2016 with the Bushnell.

Bring in 2016 with the Bushnell.

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