December 15, 2015 1 min read

Braided Bliss blogger, Ansley, has a goal to spread bliss through her adventures and her posts. In her post, "Perf: Where The Soul Smiles And The Heart Sings", she features a favorite OTBT boot, the Cataio.  

In this post she discusses the definition of PERF and accompanies it with some amazing photos. 

"Whether it’s watching a tangerine sun being tucked away for the night or breathing in the salty air- find your perf. When you do, enjoy every single moment of it and don’t let go. Give yourself the opportunity to completely immerse your body and mind in pure bliss. Then take that happiness and pass it on because the world can’t survive if we keep such beautiful feelings bottled up. They’re meant to be shared, expressed, and savored." -Ansley 

We think that she is amazing and we were so excited that we could be a part of your journey. 

Get the full story HERE

otbt shoes blog travel tuesday fashion blogger spotlight

otbt shoes blog travel tuesday fashion blogger spotlight

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