May 04, 2020 4 min read

Though times are hard and confusing right now, it’s important to remain positive. Life has changed as we know it, but we are choosing to stay strong during this moment of unknown, and we hope you are, too. Whether you’re a college student, disappointed that your year was cut short, or an adult trying to work from home—you can make the most out of these unsettling times. Someone once told me only boring people get bored. Do not let quarantine drive you to boredom. There are various creative activities right at your fingertips while we’re at home. Here are some ideas on how to make the best of self-quarantine and happily stay safe at home.

Cook New Things 

Remember all of those Pinterest recipes that you saved but never had time to try? Consider this your opportunity to give them a go! Not only is this a fun activity, but it’s rewarding to see your finished product. We may all be stuck in the house, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what we eat. 


At-Home Workouts 

Take this chance to focus on you! Almost every gym is offering subscriptions or free trials for virtual at-home workouts. No more excuses that you don’t feel like going to the gym when you can exercise in the comfort of your own living room. There are so reasons to love working out at home. Follow along with your favorite fitness guru’s on Instagram and set up a new routine. These classes are free and a lot of them use common household objects that literally everyone has access to during quarantine. Use this time to become the best version of yourself. 


Plan Your Day 

Make these confusing times feel a little more normal by setting a daily routine. Working from home can mean getting easily distracted and involve a lot more procrastination. Try writing down goals or intentions for yourself in a notebook or planner. Then check them off as you complete each task. This can help tremendously and will provide a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to keep your day going. 



People are so obsessed with tie-dying their clothes that it has become the hottest quarantine pastime and fashion trend. The process for creating vibrant colored sweatsuits and t-shirts isn’t anything new, but the ease and ability to find tutorials online is making it popular. Be sure the article you are dying is 100% cotton. Google different techniques to get ideas of how you want your shirt to turn out. There are so many color options out there—my favorite thing about tie-dying is you can use as little or as much color as you choose!   


Appreciate Those Working Hard to Keep Us Safe

We have all seen many trending videos and posts on social media where people are encouraging and showing gratitude towards healthcare workers. Invest some time to post a word of appreciation online or make posters as a family for those who are risking their lives to protect ours. Take these to your local hospital and place them on their front lawn or put them on a busy street. Not only will this make you feel good for praising others, but will lift their spirits, too. The positivity that comes from being grateful overpowers the anxiety!  


Go For a Walk 

There is something so calming and peaceful about just a simple walk. I know that it is so easy to get wrapped up in our daily stress that we often don’t even have time to think about going on a walk, much less when we would fit it in our schedule. Find a trail you haven’t been on before. Exercise, a change of scenery and sunlight are great for mental health. If you have a furry friend–bring them along too! Check out our large selection of comfortable everyday shoes including our fan favorite, the Camile. Not only are they great for walks during self-isolation, but they are the perfect partner when life gets back to normal.


Make a Vision Board 

The good news is that there is still lots of 2020 left. It may have had a rocky start but soon our lives will be back on track and we can get back to doing what we love. Start planning now by making a vision board. This is a fun, creative way to help you plan for the future. Make a 1 year, 2 year or even 5 year vision board of what you want to accomplish. Cut up magazines and find words that you can put together to envision your future. This is a great way to plan your next adventure and find something to look forward to when life gets back to normal. 

Viruses are contagious but so is creativity and positivity! Staying happy, hopeful and positive during these trying times is how we will eventually overcome this unfortunate scenario.

 Take this time to focus on yourself, be creative and get things done that you never had time for before. The best is yet to come!   

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