June 20, 2018 3 min read

Summer is officially under way, and so is our off-the-beaten-track wanderlust! We know you OTBT wanderers are going to be hitting the airports for a variety of summer adventures. And all of this vacay planning can be both exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Whether you’re intent on planning out each and every small detail of your trip, or just winging it (pun intended!), there is one thing that you’re definitely going to want to plan for – your flight. You’re going to want to make sure you bring all the right jet-setting necessities to keep you comfortable and happy from takeoff to landing. As off the beaten track wanderers ourselves, we’re here to help you take the guesswork out of gearing up for your next flight.

Here’s five travel essentials you’ll want to bring with you to make your next long flight a pleasant one! 

Neck Pillow

Got a flight lasting longer than three hours? Make sure you bring along a neck pillow. Trust us when we say that your life will be forever changed - and that’s no exaggeration! We consider neck pillows to be an on-board necessity, because they help give your neck all the support it needs, so you can grab a quick snooze while you’re in the air. Sure, you may have laughed at all the people with their heads stuck in a neon horseshoe, but when the plane lands and they’ve gained a few hours of rest, while you’re too exhausted to move – well, who’s laughing now? Do yourself a favor and make sure you don’t leave the house without this in-flight essential!

A Light Sleep Aid

Speaking of sleep, another thing we highly suggest for long flights is a light sleep aid or medication. Everyone knows that airplanes are uncomfortable - with their squished, tight spaces and lack of leg room - so obviously it’s not the most ideal condition for getting much needed rest. Our pro tip is to take a sleep aid right before the plane takes off so you have time to get comfortable and catch a few z’s. This is especially helpful if you’re flying to a different time zone, as it helps ward off jet lag and get you adjusted to a new sleeping schedule.

The Right Pair of Headphones

Another absolute necessity you need for a long flight is a good, reliable pair of headphones. Because hey, if you’re going to be in the air for awhile, you may as well enjoy it by listening to your favorite tunes or catching up on that Netflix series you’re currently binging. Noice-canceling headphones are our personal favorites, as they help block out all the sounds around you – especially any crying babies that you may have the misfortune of sitting near. And if you hate having to deal with cords getting tangled, you can always opt for pair of wireless headphones, so there will also be no need to worry about having cords in your way as you try to relax.

OTBT's Sewell slip-on sneakers for women.

Comfortable Slip-On Sneakers

One of the best things you can do for yourself while traveling is to have a comfortable pair of shoes that is easy to slip on and off, especially when going through airport security lines. When you’re rushing around to catch a connecting flight, the last thing you want is to have ill-fitting, painful shoes getting in your way. Wearing comfortable slip-on sneakers (like our beloved Sewell or Universe) makes the life of an adventurer so much easier. Your feet naturally crave comfort - especially when on the go - so a pair of incredibly comfortable shoes is a must! Bonus points if your sneakers are also lightweight and stylish. (Like the ones in our Travel Lite collection!)

A Roomy Carry-On Bag

There’s nothing worse than packing your carry-on bag and discovering that there’s no room to fit everything you want to bring. So do yourself a favor and invest in a big, oversized travel tote to fill with all your in-flight essentials. No need to worry about having enough room to pack your favorite book, neck pillow, passport, and tablet. With the right roomy (yet regulation-sized) carry-on, you’ll be able to fit all that and more! Our personal favorite is the Copa tote due to its spacious design, easily accessible front pocket, and stylish rose gold hue. We never want to board a plane without it!

So there you are - five travel items that are absolutely crucial for any long flight. Is there anything we forgot? Tell us about your favorite in-flight essentials in the comments down below!

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