September 05, 2017 3 min read

September is finally here! Let’s bring on the pumpkin spice lattes and delicious apple cider donuts and brace ourselves for chillier temperatures, vibrant autumn leaves and, of course, the latest in fall fashion. Here at OTBT Shoes, we’re so excited to show off our stylish new arrivals – fashionable and comfortable women’s boots and booties that you’ll want to pack your closets with this fall and winter!

This season brings new and upcoming trends to the fashion landscape, and women’s boots are no exception. Want to get the scoop on some of the hottest new styles for autumn? Here’s five up and coming fall fashion trends for women’s boots, as showcased by some of our latest OTBT arrivals.

Ready for Combat

Check out the latest fall fashion trends for women's boots from OTBT Shoes!

Let’s start off with an old favorite that’s making a reappearance this year in new and refreshing ways – the combat boot. Once popular in goth, grunge and punk fashion circles, these bold, utilitarian boots are now becoming more and more mainstream. Inspired by the style of on-the-ground soldiers, combat boots are durable, vintage looking boots that typically feature laces. These boots can be ankle height or higher, with thick treads to give you extra stability with each step. Combat and military styles make especially comfortable boots for walking, which is why they’re a great choice for those who live an active, on-the-go lifestyle.

This season’s combat-inspired style is the Gallivant, featuring rich leather, a double-stacked heel for extra traction and stability, and a burnished metal buckle on the side. Whether you’re trekking through the woods or simply crossing the street, the durable and fashionable Gallivant will get you where you need to go with gusto! So if you’re a gal who loves sturdy construction with an edgy style, these comfortable and stylish boots may be the ones for you!

Seeing Red

Check out the latest fall fashion trends for women's boots from OTBT Shoes!

One common color we’re seeing in women’s shoes this season is red. From rich and hearty burgundy hues to rustic red-brown tones, red is the “it” color in fall fashion this year. Here at OTBT, we have several red and burgundy colored styles for this year and from seasons past, but our latest and greatest of these is the chic and stylish Venture. These deep red ankle boots feature a stacked heel, burnished toe for extra rugged appeal, and a unique and interesting texture. But it’s the red hue that’s truly eye-catching. You just can’t go wrong with this hot fall color!

Western Style

Check out the latest fall fashion trends for women's boots from OTBT Shoes!

If casual vintage is the look you crave, this fall trend may be the one for you! Western-inspired boots and booties have been continuing to make an appearance for this upcoming fall season, much like they have in years past. What makes this trend so great is it’s timeless versatility. There’s just something so perfectly classic about a comfortable and stylish low-rider ankle boot with that Western flair, and that’s exactly what we love about the Trek. These booties are a total must-have for your closet, and they’ll go with so much more than you can imagine – from distressed denim and cozy flannels to even a stylish  sweater dress. We’re totally obsessing over all of the Trek’s details, from the rich leathers to intricate stitching. So if your heart longs for the Wild West, snag yourself a pair of these Western-inspired boots this season.

Embellish It

Check out the latest fall fashion trends for women's boots from OTBT Shoes!

This season, women’s boots and booties are being jazzed up with some fun and funky embellishments. Metal hardware is especially prevalent on trendy styles for the fall – including studs, brackets, buckles and grommets. These embellishments are the perfect way to add a subtle yet edgy flair to any look. Check out the Vagabond and Truckage, two of our latest open-toe booties that feature these fun metal embellishments and other great features! So if you’re looking for comfortable and stylish boots with that extra bit of pizzazz, keep an eye out for these sweet little details. They make all the difference!

Tassel Trend

Check out the latest fall fashion trends for women's boots from OTBT Shoes!

Women love boots that have an extra bit of flair and style, especially those with a boho chic vibe. Last year, fringe was all the rage with women’s fall fashion. This year, tassels are the new fringe! If you want to achieve this on-trend bohemian style, be sure to keep an eye out for comfortable and stylish boots with tassel details. OTBT’s open-toe and open-back Flower Child is a great example of a style that takes advantage of this trend. With two small tassels attached to a side ghillie tie, this style is especially chic for transitioning from summer to fall in style.

Which trend will you be rocking this fall? Will you be lacing up your combat boots or strutting your stuff in trendy tassels? No matter what you’re searching for, find it in OTBT’s newest fall boots and booties!

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