October 05, 2018 3 min read

Hey there, OTBT wanderers!

Fall has arrived, which means it’s finally time to pack up the shorts, tank-tops, and swimsuits, and pull out your favorite autumn scarves, sweaters, and of course, boots! While getting your wardrobe ready for the big seasonal switch, it’s important to make sure that your fall footwear is in tip-top shape for the cool days ahead. Whether it’s your brand new OTBT ankle boots, or a favorite pair from several seasons ago that you just can’t seem to part with, we’re here to help you make sure that your fall boots and booties last for years and years to come!

Want to keep your boots looking like new, even after several seasons of wear? Here’s five fall footwear care tips you’ll want to take note of!

Keep ‘Em Clean

Before you whip out your favorite leather boots for the season, it’s time to give them a little bit of TLC before they are exposed to the elements. For your leather shoes, it’s good to give them a good polish with a quality leather cleaner, which you can easily find at any major retailer. This not only shines up your shoes, but also keeps the leather soft, durable and supple after repeated wear. Conditioning your shoes allows you to work out any marks and indentations, and helps bring them back to life. Keep up with the cleanings, and your boots will continue to look exactly as new as the day you bought them!

Weather Treat

Another thing you can do to ensure the life of your leather boots is to weather treat them before you start their seasonal wear. Waterproofing sprays, available at most stores, can help protect your boots from the elements more commonly associated with the colder seasons. We all know the toll that moisture can take on a perfectly good pair of shoes. By waterproofing your boots, you can keep them unaffected by fall rain or snow. Water will simply glide off the leather material, preventing your boots (as well as your feet) from getting wet.

Alternatively, if you’re in the market for a good pair of fall or winter boots, you can look for styles already made with waterproof leathers – such as OTBT’s Embark, a cozy cold weather bootie that’s perfect for trekking around in the rain, ice, and snow.

Replace the Laces

Another important part of maintaining your fall boots is checking, and if need be, replacing the shoelaces from time to time. Laces tend to bear the brunt of wear and tear from constant pulling, knotting, and interacting with nature’s elements. Replacing your shoelaces can be a great way to bring new life to your boots. Whether you want to change the color and style, or simply replace the originals, new laces will make your shoes look like they just came out of their shoe box for the very first time. Adding a new set of shoelaces is also a fun way to express your own unique style, and can take a pair of boots from blah to fab in no time. You’ll be surprised to see just how big a change a simple pair of laces can make!

Add Support

If you’ve been wearing your favorite fall boots season after season with very little care, it may be time to see if your all-time favorites need some additional sole support. If your boots aren’t as comfortable as they used to be, consider adding inserts to give them more support. We all have that one pair of shoes we simply can’t part with, so why throw them out when you can make them feel brand new again? With so many different inserts to choose from, you can add extra comfort or support wherever you need it most.

Switch ‘Em Out

We all have those favorite new fall boots that we want to wear on repeat all season long! But if you truly want to make those boots last, it’s important to give them a little time off here and there throughout the season. Dig into your wardrobe and pull out all the fall boots you can find. Wear your favorites three or four times a week, and switch ‘em out with your other styles on the remaining days. This not only helps your favorites last longer, but it’s also a great way to freshen up your style with old yet reliable pieces you may have forgotten about.

So, are you ready embrace the cooler weather with your favorite fall footwear? No matter what off the beaten track adventures come your way, keep these care tips in mind, and you’ll keep your fall boots looking like new for years and years to come.

Are there any tips we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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